Our Journey to a Parisian Wedding (Chapter 4)

We met up with Will and Anthony at their spot in the 6th District, had some great sights on the way. Every bakery was just amazing looking, it was just begging us to come in and have some procuitto sandwiches (again) of course. 

The Paris Opera House is an amazing architectural feat. Also known as the Palais Garnier, this theatre is known as the most famous opera house in the world, however I've never visited any other so I can't claim that statement to be true nor false. 

The exterior of the front facade contains bronze busts of many of the great composers which are located between the columns at the top.

The highest level of ornate design and decadence. 

The Paris Opera house is as notorious as any other landmark in the city of Paris: it embodies, just as the Louvre or Notre Dame Cathedral are, of what Parisian style architecture is. Walking through this lavish structure where some of the most affluent people conducted business and socialized in the center of Paris , we believed we were getting an authentic glimpse into the golden era of the Parisians. It's hard to relate to Paris and the lavish life they once lived, however, standing in midst of such cultural expression was overwhelming and humbling. (They were eating good).

A couple of artists actually created some mockups of how the ceiling of the opera house was supposed to look, which are priceless works of art.

Why they no make the cut?!

We had some fun taking shots in this fairly empty and magnificent space. Will isn't just a trouble maker, but a great dance instructor as well. 


There were also some neat costume displays, some of which were on a Black Swan type flow.

Stairwells that would make Liberace jelly.

The 1,979 seat opera house was built in 1861-1875, it's astounding how fast this thing was built, considering how intricate it is. They've kept it in great condition and I'm glad we made the stop, highly recommended 5/5 stars.